House & Home

At home is where most of it happens. Even when I’m speaking or organizing an event, most of the prep work is done at home.

Also, home is where the family is. We are among the 20% who still eat together as a family nearly every day. Of course, it helps that we are artists, so (in theory) we make our own hours.

Family is me, Willow, Kat and Johnathan. Not at home but still family is Dan, my eldest, and up in Farmington Maine (where I was born and lived most of my youth) my father and sister Liz live. My sister Trish also lives in Maine with her husband, and sister Kitty lives in Massachusetts (also an artist, and art teacher). On their father’s side, the kids still have two grandmothers- Sue and Charlotte, and uncles and aunts: Steve and Vicki, Claudia, and Tracy and Jan. Unfortunately, making product all week, and selling it weekends does interfere with our ability to see family as much as we’d like.

The farm has dwindled a lot since we’ve been traveling for business. We no longer have the rabbits, chickens and goats, and will probably not replace them until I have more time to enjoy them I am thinking about starting a new hive, and chickens aren’t much trouble.John

Off course we have cats. Freya, and Grendle have died, Mouse has gone walk about, although he drops in occasionally, Zoloft still sleeps on my feet, and we are watching Smokey for Mark. (We suspect that’s why Mouse left- we think the house is only big enough for one grey cat. Kat picked up a calico at the farmstand last year and given her the name Brigadeer Peripigelium Lethbridge Stewart (Peri for short). We do feel that there is still room for more cats are are hoping for a white, a black and a gold one. My theory is that one should be able to tell at a glance which cat speeding from the scene of a disaster is the culprit, so want different colors. Of course, a nice Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon would probably be forgiven being “camo” colored.Peri and baloon 2 Zoloft on apron

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