Family Tree

I wonder if I can find a genealogy tree fill in the blank form?

Virginia Fair Richards m. Nicholas Benedict Taylor

Patricia Fair Murray m Robert Philander Richards


Robert P R Jr, Virginia FR, Elizabeth FR, Katherine Ann R, Patricia FR

Virginia Pryde Fair m Charles Coursen Murray


Patricia Fair Murray and Charles Coursen Murray II

Margret (Mammie) ? m McDowell? Fair


Victoria, ,Virginia, ,William

Nellie* Booker m. Albert Dewey Richards


Robert Philander R, Albert Dewey R, Patricia, Alonzo (Lonny), John, Shirley

*When my Diana was young, I started trying to learn about the family and  Grammie told me that she’d been named Maisie when she was born, but had been renamed Nellie for a maiden aunt who promised to leave her estate to her if she was named after her, but she never did. No one else knows anything about this story.