Some SCA recipes

Documentation? badgesWe don’ need no steeking documentation!

But seriously, these are recipes I’ve used in the SCA and have been well received. The materials and techniques are period, and that’s good enough for most feasts.

I’ll keep adding to this list, so feel free to come back, or suggest recipes you remember for me to add.

Stormbrew is here.


Fresh peas- dress with lime juice and mint.

Baked onions: peel onions, slice in two ringways. Place in pan with a pat of butter on top of each onion, sprinkle a bit of chicken or beef soup granules over the top, bake for about 45 minutes or until done, sprinkle with shredded cheese, and bake a couple more minutes until the cheese melts in.


Apple Walnut chicken: Add chopped apples and walnuts to whatever stuffing you’re using and glaze with melted apple jelly with finely chopped walnuts mixed into it during the last 20 minutes. (takes about one jar for two chickens).

Galengale Chicken: Add grated galengale to the stuffing and mix some into honey, glaze the roasted chicken with that.


“Roast pork” can be baked sprinkled with ground grains of paradise, paprika, and garlic. If there’s a layer of fat, cross hatch it with a knife before baking.


Having started raising peafowl to sell to SCA cooks, I discovered three important things:
1. They fly really well (at $25 for newly hatched, this is sad when they decide they don’t think a 10 foot fence poses any problem at 4 months)
2. They
taste just like turkey (what a waste of money!)
3. A bird old enough (second year) to have that gorgeous plumage, is too tough to eat. Birds from chicken to goose to peacock should be eaten before they’re a year old.
Get a peacock skin if you must, tan it, and use it to garb a roast turkey if your knights want to swear oaths on the turkey for 12th night. Don’t “re-dress the bird in it’s feathers”. One with a full tail won’t be worth eating. Or better- gild the bird (peacock or turkey) with saffron paste, and create a re-usable framework and build a display peacock tail.

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