Jane Sibley, The Mighty Norse Dead

October 17, 2012  Listen here

we’ll be talking with Jane Sibley about Viking undead: Norse Ghosts, Trolls, Draugr, and Gjendaneer are the terrifying spirits of ancient Scandinavia. My guest, Jane Sibley, is one of the foremost experts on ancient Norse magic, Folklore and Runes in the country, and she will share the stories, and answer any questions listeners may pose.

The deceased could be friendly or scary, or in many cases, singularly useful to the living. Corpses (especially hung thieves) and execution/murder tools (hangmans’ ropes, knives, bullets) were of use in traditional magic and healing. We will explore the gjenganger (again-walker) and the draugr (drowned at sea), which could be pretty scary, as well as how to bind the deceased to his/her grave.

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