I have two businesses- one is Fair of Face, my portrait painting business, and the other is Cabochons, under which name my daughters and I travel to various events and sell our art, crafts and other wares (They are often found in Artist Alleys under the name Studio at Four Oaks). Occasionally we split up, as I like SCA events and pagan gatherings, and the girls enjoy Comics, Anime, and the occasional Steampunk events. We all like Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Costuming Cons.

The name Cabochons comes from our original product: glass jewels with sew-on settings. Cabochon is the “cut” of a stone that is rounded, rather than faceted, and in the Middle Ages jewels were generally either done with the most basic facets that natural crystals come in, or were polished into cabochons. These were very hard to find to use in SCA costumes, so AElfwine and I started selling them in the SCA. Later we expanded to sell other products we make or find that will make our customers happy. Aside from those, we sell silver jewelry, and long striped stockings.

And our art. Always our art. (see my art pages)

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