Maps of Anglo-Saxon England

Roman Britain:

Roman Roads:

Roman roads

Britain c 4006th c. Britain (in the time of Gildas and King Arthur):


The tribal progression:Britain Tribal-Progression 6th c

7th c. Britain (time of the conversion, Sutton Hoo, the “Heptarchy”: sutton hoo shoulderclaspbritain c625

The beginning of the “Mercian Supremacy”, think Staffordshire Hoard.staffordshire hoardBritain c 660


8th c. Britain:Britain 8th c

9th c Britain:Britain_802

10th c. Britain: (unification under Alfred, Edward and Athylstan)

British_Isles_10th_centuryBurg Coverage:

burg coverageMap of Burhs:



Diocese Map- pre-925:


Viking Raidsvikingraids991-1005

11th c. Britain: (under the Cnut, and Edward the Confessor


Norman England (and Normandy)

Norman England



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