Starwolf on Crystals 4-2-14 Tektites and Calcite and 10-23-13 Quartz

tektite moldavite calcite5_CaCO3

Our favorite shaman and Metaphysicist, Starwolf will be back this Wednesday, talking about Crystals. Last October, (listen to that archive here) he had so much to say about quartz crystals, we never got to other crystals. Every mineral has it’s own energy signature, and can be used for something, this time we’re going straight to Tektites and Calcite.

Starwolf is a Metaphysicist, shaman, Witch, professional psychic, Reiki Master, Rune Master, metaphysical engineer, and Paranormal Soldier of Fortune. His approach is to adapt traditional metaphysical elements to modern lifestyles and pull magick into the twenty-first century.

link to this show on Tektites and Calcite

link from the October 2 show on Quartz Crystals

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